Radio, Television, and Film


If you are considering a career in any media industry (television, film, radio, or print media), then why not begin your training now by joining the RTVF Community in Kerr Hall? Our hope is that you will gain integral experience in your field from your involvement with this wing beyond the content you would normally find in the classroom, aiding you in your career search following graduation. You will also develop in your creative endeavors by interacting and building friendships with your peers on the wing, bouncing ideas off of one another that will help everyone in their specific media. If you plan to major in RTVF or any related field or if you just appreciate film-making, writing, and the like, then add yourself to the number of other students who are potentially just like you on this REAL Community.

Benefits of living on the RTVF REAL Community include:

  • Large-scale group involvement with KNTU or NTTV.
  • Residents can serve as crew on Housing's weekly web series 720.
  • Residents can serve as crew on short film projects that will be submitted to local film festivals.
  • Possible field trip ideas include a visit to a TV studio or a showing of an independent film.
  • Residents could enroll together in an RTVF classes and a freshmen writing class, among other options.

Radio, Television and Film Course Connections*:

  • Fall 2014: Introduction to Communication – COMM 1010

If you select to live on the RTVF REAL Wing within your Housing Application, and want to take COMM 1010 with people on your hallway, please complete the brief survey found at

* Residents that sign up for the REAL RTVF community are not required to sign up for the Learning Community course paired with the community, but space is limited and completing the survey upon completion of the Housing Application is recommended.

To apply for the RTVF REAL Community located in Kerr Hall select the REAL Community option on the Application Type step of the Housing application. 

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