Health Professions

Health Professions

Do you dream of one day helping people in the medical profession? If so, the Health Professions REAL Community at Maple Hall is the place for you! If you hope to one day become a doctor, dentist, physician's assistant, or pharmacist, then you should consider living in a community with students who have similar ambitions. The road to a career in health professions is long, difficult and stressful, but the journey is exciting and enjoyable with a support system. Students in the Health Professions REAL Community tend to study together, go to classes together and just have fun together.

The Health Professions REAL Community seeks to:

  • Connect you with other students who are taking similar science courses in order to form study groups
  • Introduce you to advisors and professors that may one day write recommendation letters for graduate and professional schools
  • Take you on field trips to medical schools, gross anatomy labs and more
  • Teach you about the extra-curricular experience necessary for a successful application
  • Provide a community where you can fully realize your dreams in health care and have the motivation and enthusiasm to become a successful applicant!

To apply for the Health Professions REAL Community located in Maple Hall select the REAL Community option on the Application Type step of the Housing application. 

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