Discover why living in a REAL Community with fellow engineering students can help positively shape your first-year experience at UNT. In the Engineering REAL Community, you will have the opportunity to engage in various learning and leadership activities which will enable you to foster unique friendships, build career networks, and gain valuable experience.

As a student living in the Engineering REAL Community, you will:

  • Receive extra tutoring
  • Go on field trips to various engineering-related companies in the DFW area
  • Hear about careers from professionals in the engineering community
  • Learn more about engineering student organizations
  • Discuss engineering-related issues with faculty, staff and students

Engineering Course Connections*:

  • Fall 2014: Algebra – MATH 1100 or Pre-Calculus – MATH 1650

If you select to live on the Engineering REAL Wing within your Housing Application, and want to take a math course with people on your hallway, please complete the brief survey found at

* Residents that sign up for the REAL Engineering community are not required to sign up for the Learning Community course paired with the community, but space is limited and completing the survey upon completion of the Housing Application is recommended.

To apply for the Engineering REAL Community located in Crumley Hall select the REAL Community option on the Application Type step of the Housing application. 

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