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Housing and Dining Rates provided are for the full 9 month academic year contract (fall and spring semesters).  The total amount due for the year is calculated by combining the rates of the Housing and Dining options selected by a student during the Housing application process.

Billing for half of the combined academic year's Housing and Dining Rates due will occur at the beginning of each semester. The semester balance may be paid in full or in four installments over the course of each semester.

Current residents can review account balances and make online payments by logging in to their eHousing account and selecting “My Current Statement”.

Changes to room assignments or meal plans made after the start of the academic year that have a different associated rate will result in adjustment of the balance due and will be reflected in the student’s online Housing Statement.  Changes to room assignments and meal plans are pro-rated and put in to effect as of the date that the change is completed.  


 How do I pay for Housing?

We have two options available to residents needing to make a payment to Housing:

  • Online, at any time, by logging in to your eHousing account and clicking on "My Current Statement"
  • By mail via check or money order
    • Please include student ID number on the memo line. 

Housing is not able to accept cash payments or credit card payments made in-person or by phone. 

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What types of payments do you accept?

Primarily, we encourage students to make payment online by credit card payments or eCheck.  We accept payment from all major credit cards (American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Discover), Higher One or eCheck. 

Checks or money orders are also accepted and should be made out to UNT Housing.  Please include the resident's student ID number on the memo line to ensure proper posting of the payment. 

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What is the pre-payment for?

When you apply for Housing, you are required to put down a $400 pre-payment. 

$200 of the pre-payment is a room damage deposit, which is refundable after your stay in Housing is complete, on the condition that you have no additional damage or cleaning costs when you leave. 

$200 of the pre-payment is applied to the balance you will owe to Housing for the contract term that you've applied for.  The first payment of your contract term will be less based on the fact that the pre-payment is applied toward the amount owed for the first payment.

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When do I pay?

You can pay for the entire semester up front or pay as you go using the payment schedule noted in the Rates section of the website. 

Billing for each semester occurs just before the halls open for the semester.  You'll be able to view your total amount owed by logging in to your eHousing account just prior to the start of the semester.

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Will you send me a bill?

In an effort to be sustainable, we do not distribute paper bills; however, you may log in to your eHousing account to view your total, current and past amout due at any time. 

We also send email reminders about upcoming payments and past due balances to each resident's UNT student email account. 

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I’m waiting on Financial Aid or other funds to arrive. What do I do?

If you are waiting on funding through Financial Aid or other sources that has yet to disburse, please come by the Assignements and Collections office in Crumley Hall to dicuss your situation and and make arrangements for an extension on your payment deadline.

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Does Financial Aid automatically pay for Housing?

No.  Unfortunately, this process is not completed automatically. If you receive a disbursement refund from your financial aid award and intend to use those funds to pay for Housing you will have to complete that process on your own. 

Once the funds are dispersed to you, you can make a payment in any amount to your Housing balance through our payment options that are available. 

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What if my payment is late?

Payments received past the due date can result in a $15 charge to the student’s Housing account.

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Do I have to have a meal plan?

All freshmen are required to have a meal plan, regardless of their hall choice. Upperclassman students may choose not to have a meal plan if they live in a hall that allows for that option (College Inn, Honors, Legends, Mozart, and Santa Fe).

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