2014 - 2015 Housing Rates

Housing Rates

Newer Halls

HallRoom Type9 month Academic Year Rate
Traditions, VictoryDouble Room$5,250.00

Mozart, Santa Fe

Double Room
w/ Cooking Area

Legends, Santa Fe,
Traditions, Victory
Private Room$5,840.00

Honors, Legends, Mozart

Semi-private Room
w/ Cooking Area


Standard Halls

HallRoom Type9 month Academic Year Rate
Bruce, Clark, Crumley,
Kerr, Maple, McConnell
Double and Triple Room$4,610.00

Economy Halls

HallRoom Type9 month Academic Year Rate
WestTriple Room$3,847.50
College InnDouble Room and Efficiency$4,050.00
WestDouble Room$4,275.00
College InnMatchbox Room$4,750.00

Dining Rates

Meal Plan*Dining flex $ per semester9 month Academic Year Rate**
5 Day Basic$50.00$2,760.38
5 Day Value$150.00$2,955.23
7 Day Basic$75.00$3,106.78
7 Day Value$175.00$3,301.63

*A meal plan is required for all freshman residents.  Only upperclassmen residents living in College Inn, Honors, Legends, Mozart, or Santa Fe can choose to have no meal plan. 

**includes applicable tax

Download a .pdf version of the 2014-2015 Housing Rates.

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